#23 WDDTY: The Real Culprit That Causes Heart Disease

In their latest podcast, WDDTY editors Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard discuss how it’s the processed foods are the real culprit that causes heart disease.  Eating a healthy diet would halve the number of heart disease deaths every year.

Eggs are another bad boy of the cholesterol theory – but they can protect against heart disease’s precursor, type 2 diabetes.

There’s a natural solution to every chronic condition, and Lynne and Bryan discuss how exercise can reduce levels of high blood pressure, even when it’s considered dangerous.

To wrap up, they explore the vital nutrient that should be taken when you’re topping up with vitamin D, and discuss the future plans of the outspoken researcher Peter Gotzsche, who’s been kicked out of the ‘independent’ research group he helped found 30 years ago.

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