#17 WDDTY: The People Who Shouldn’t Take An Aspirin a Day

In their latest podcast, WDDTY editors Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard question the use of aspirin as a just-in-case remedy against heart disease – and they warn that any healthy person over the age of 70 should stop taking it as part of a daily health regime.

They also look at the epidemic of childhood obesity and discover that detergents and cleaning products we use in the home could be an unsuspected culprit.  They also report on the recent spate of mysterious illnesses among diplomatic staff in Cuba and China and suggest it could be linked to radiofrequency and microwave electromagnetic radiation that we’re all exposed to from our cell (mobile) phones, wi-fi and microwave ovens.

In another item, they report that doctors are so busy filling out prescriptions that they aren’t even spotting cases of heart failure, and in the final item, they discover that around a third of medical researchers aren’t revealing their ties to the drug company whose drug they’re testing – even when they are shareholders in the company!

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